From small beginnings, publishing a newsletter called "medical banker" from his home in Franklin, TN, the founder of BoardTrust challenged banking and healthcare leaders to re-think the boundaries of their respective domains. He passionately believes that doing so will create sustainable healthcare systems. In the process a new field of discipline has evolved called "medical banking". 
John Casillas

John Casillas is a global thought leader who pioneered an emerging field called "medical banking". In 2001, he founded The Medical Banking Project to gather healthcare leaders, employers like Disney, Sun Microsystems; industry coalitions like the Automotive Industry Action Group; global technology firms in banking and healthcare like BancTec, FIS Global, TransUnion, SSI Group, InstaMed; banks like Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon, US Bank and others, to craft a new vision for leap frogging the paper chase in healthcare to a digital platform that both industry and consumers can use with confidence. In fact, the platform itself can transform how healthcare is used, improve access and impact quality. CNET's Esther Dyson cited the Medical Banking Project as a promising driver of change.


MBProject was acquired by HIMSS, the global health information technology society, in 2009. Casillas served as Senior Vice President at HIMSS and also became the first global health IT fellow at the World Bank. In 2012 he was awarded Top 100 Most Influential People in Finance by Treasury & Risk Magazine, a global recognition. In the same year he was awarded Nashville's Healthcare Heroes Award. In 2001, he received the National Editor's Award by the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management for his article entitled "The Compliance Matrix". 


He advocates for sustainable, accessible and quality healthcare systems using medical banking principles.

Current Project:


GlobalRise - A World of Healthy Kids!


GlobalRise, a semi-finalist in Rockefeller Foundation's 2050 Food Systems Vision Prize, was established to help children rise above disease and poverty using nutrition, culture and tech. Our vision calls for equipping "Village Savings Groups", that act like banks, to implement cashless exchange within a drone transport system that connects extremely poor farmers with formal markets. A requirement for onboarding this opportunity platform is setting up mobile PHRs for families, enabling us to use an evidence base measuring community health that is mired in 50% stunting of precious kids.


Our work started in subsaharan Africa with plans to expand scope to other "red stunting zones" like India and Guatemala.


GlobalRise, whose vision is A World of Healthy Kids, is passionate about helping families to monetize everyday farming, build micro-enterprise and foster mountain health networks that support healthier lives for the world's most forgotten people.

Strategic Advisor

I've devoted my professional career trying to define and communicate what I passionately believe to be a powerful idea that will revolutionize healthcare. Medical banking joins many ideas that attempt to engineer a societal breakthrough. Governments that seek innovation in health programs, banks seeking new health IT solutions and commercial firms that are developing strategies around health information technology have engaged BoardTrust to make things happen.

John Casillas, CEO, BoardTrust